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Artlas Seminar Guest Speaker

27 February, 2014 : Anthony Gardner, University of Oxford

Postsocialism and the Global Turn


This seminar explores the notion of “postsocialism” as a counter-model to “the global” in its neoliberal guise. There are at least two ways that I want to propose this understanding of postsocialism. Firstly, it allows us to rethink the artistic legacies of communist-era nonconformism beyond the confines of Central and Eastern Europe, as an artistic politics distinct from notions of postcommunism. Secondly, we might also consider the renewed, if problematic, significance of the postwar Non-Aligned Movement and its dream of new global cultural connections for rethinking those that predominate today.


Paper/s :

 1. Toward an Artistic Politics of Postsocialism

 2. Biennials of the South on the Edges of the Global


Anthony Gardner is Associate Professor of Contemporary Art History and Theory at the University of Oxford, where he is also the Director of Graduate Studies at the Ruskin School of Art. He writes extensively on postcolonialism, postsocialism and curatorial histories, with essays most recently in ARTMargins (which he co-edits for The MIT Press), Third TextPostcolonial Studies and the anthologies Global Studies : Mapping Contemporary Art and Culture and The Cambridge Companion to Australian Art. Among his books are Mapping South : Journeys in South-South Cultural Relations (Melbourne, 2013), Politically Unbecoming : Postsocialist Art against Democracy, a study of European installation art in relation to postsocialist political philosophy (The MIT Press, 2015) and with Charles Green Mega-Exhibitions : Biennials, Triennials, Documentas (Wiley-Blackwell, 2015).



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