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Jeudi 16 mai 2013 : Jérôme Bazin : "Le réalisme socialiste en ex RDA et autour : Une autre géographie ? "

Jeudi 16 mai 2013
13h30-15h30 ENS Ulm, salle de l’IHMC (escalier D, 3e étage)


Une autre géographie ?

Jérôme Bazin (Université de Créteil), "La géographie de l’art dans le monde communiste : une autre manière d’envisager la centralité, une autre manière d’envisager l’universalité"

Séance en présence de Piotr Piotrowski, Professeur à l’université de Poznan, prof. invité du Labex TransferS (voir piotrpio/).


This study addresses the question of so-called realistic artistic production in Communist countries—often considered marginal because this kind of creativity failed to correspond to the traditional definitions of art history and was made in peripheral regions—laying the east of the Iron Curtain. But in the context of the Cold War and the opposition between two dominant universal ideas—Capitalist and Communist—proponents of this realism attempted to implement a geography of alternative art, a geography in which this art would not be considered as peripheral.

 In the vast and diverse geopolitical Communist milieu, other central places, platforms, and networks have also been developed. These are not merely traces of those existing in the West, but rather have been designed to follow the objectives of realistic art : to create an art that is close to the people and to the working class. It is this construction of a Communist universality, based on the relationship of local and daily experiences, which will be discussed here.

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